About Company

Vision And Mission

We aspire to work in a challenging, innovative world class business infused with fairness, respect, learning and fun. Our Vision can be simply put as to bring the best innovative and implementable technologies to the industry, value engineering to minimise the use
of non - renewable resources and thereby create an environmental balance. Our Mission to be known as best practicing team of engineers who can be trusted partners to challenging projects and stake holders.

Association & Partners

We aspire to work in a challenging,innovative world class business infused with fairness, respect, learning and fun. By engaging experts who are in tune with the evolving association landscape and with the specific industries associations serve, Our associations have reaped the reward of generating services into increased member benefits.


With professionals having more than 18 years of experience the company was founded in early 2017. Engosym Consultants aims to provide professional services in field of Engineering, Marketing and Project Management. ENGOSYM is an acronym for Engineering Geosystems and Management. Engosym provides complete Technical, Design and Quality related services in application sectors of Geotechnical, Environmental and Hydraulics Engineering. Our confidence, know-how and professional services are backed by commitment towards conceptualisation, design, analysis, project management skills to provide the Industry with best innovative technologies. With the tagline ‘Engineering Growth’, we intend to add value to each responsibility that we are entrusted with. The value addition will be in terms of technology innovation, optimisation of project cost, achieving quality at site, marketing services to launch innovative and solutions in the industry and develop a sustainable market share.

Area Of Services

• Detailed Consultancy and Technical support for Geotechnical and Geosynthetic related applications.
• Enquiry generation, Business Development and improve market presence for Geosynthetic
related application.
• Comprehensive marketing support and reports including analysis of Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI) and related tasks as detailed in the proposal.

Channel Partner Support • Be your strong technical support in local market
• Lead the Marketing (Plan, Propose, Execute, follow Up)
• Lead the Business Development
• Sales and Commercial
• Train your resources
• Get processes in place and Set up the Civil Unit.

Our Clients